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The Principal's OfficeMr.Maurice Oguyo Kajwang'-Principal

Welcome to the world of St. Peter's Disii. Thanks to the Almighty father for all that he has done to us, being too meaningful and gracious.

I also recognize the role played by our B.O.G, P.T.A, staff and well wishers for all the help they have given us to ensure we move this far in pursuit of our Motto, Vision and Mission which is centred on enlightening the students and molding them to be all round who can be useful in the society
Our sponsor, The Catholic Church has drummed this into our students to be people who can be relied on irrespective of this religious background.
St. Peter's Disii is a medium school located in a rural environment which they have kept green with varied trees, both indigenous and exotic. The chirping of the birds synergise the cool breeze in a school located in the valley overlooking Alalo ridge.We admit average students from very humble backgrounds but our main concern is to raise the value and mould the personality in them.
The school is proud to have produced a number of students who compete favourably with those in large provincial and national schools, a feet that gives the entire staff and students stand tall.In 2002, our best candidate obtained grade B+. He is a lecturer in one of the most prestigious private universities having scaled the ladder. In 2003, the school produced the 3rd best candidate in the district with a grade of A. He proceeded to do law. In 2005, the school repeated the same feet. The leading candidate proceeded to do Land Economics in The University of Nairobi.In 2006, we were not left behind, the school produced a leading student with A-.Come 2009 our best attained a straight A (plain), ranking at 71 in Nyanza province. This comes as a result of discipline among students and teachers who dedicate their time to work.

We appreciate the role of M.O.E for F.S.E fund that has helped us to maintain the school.We are still lacking infrastructure. We appeal to any donor or well wishers to aid us acquire electricity without which the school may lag behind in technological advancement. We appeal to the Ministry of Education to consider the school with lab fund and infrastructural funds.

Otherwise we are positive to surge on in giving quality education. The shortage of teachers though challenging but the school weathers the storm.

For a peaceful atmosphere to learn without interference, choose St. Peter's Disii Mixed Secondary School.

Address: 119- 40303 ,RANGWE, Tel:+254721930058,

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