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"" Mr.Stephen Ogola- Deputy principal

Education is a sure instrument to success. It gives one confidence and ability to contribute positively to the growth of the society. This is why the society invests highly in student education. Students are human resources hence education gives holistic growth to an individual. Therefore, at St. Peters’ Disii, students are encouraged to grow physically, spiritually, mentally and morally.

For proper growth, students are required to be very disciplined and must have goals which are achievable. Every individual must set personal goals and community minded goals. Time is a factor and must be considered when setting a goal.
Never shift goal posts and be realistic on what you can achieve. A student therefore should have the ability to assess and grade himself/herself so that one can understand his/her weakness and strength with a view to improving the learning habits. Only a disciplined student can assess him/herself and for one to be disciplined, the following aspects would be guidelines.
God fearing -for we must always ask for the Almighty,s intervention all the time. Drug abusers have no place.
Humility- makes the student respectively able to take advice and has good relationship with all members of the community.
Discipline therefore cultivates habits of self respect, self motivation and proper pride of one’s integrity, hence makes students to observe the norms of good conduct even when no one is supervising them.
Parents should take note that, promotion of their children to the next class is pegged on the pass mark according to the set criteria. The school has made it possible by allowing students to take sit-in two CATs and an exam per term and an average for the three terms is calculated to obtain the pass mark. Any student who is committed to his/her studies should easily qualify for promotion to the next class.A Student therefore should dedicate himself/herself to schooling, working harder and be committed to achieving his/her goal. Failure to obtain the pass mark by your child would result in a written warning letter.Therefore,parents must assist for their children to succeed.

For a peaceful atmosphere to learn without interference, choose St. Peter’s Disii Mixed Secondary School.

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